Real People Press:

For the last 39 years Steve has published, innovative “cutting edge” books in the realm of personal change and growth through his publishing company, Real People Press. Starting with books by Carl Rogers and Fritz Perls, they have all been about relationships, therapy, human potential, and personal growth, even when occasionally the primary focus was t’ai chi movement or music performance. Since 1979, Steve and his wife and partner, Connirae Andreas, together have centered all their new publications in the field of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). They initially featured works of the original developers, Richard Bandler and John Grinder, which they edited into book form from seminar transcripts. They continue adding original works by those who have extended NLP in unique and useful ways.

NLP Comprehensive

Originally founded by Steve and Connirae in 1979 to promote NLP training, videotapes and other products, since 1995 NLP Comprehensive has been under independent ownership. However it is still a primary source for videotaped demonstrations of NLP patterns by Steve and Connirae and others prominent in the field. Steve also continues to train as part of NLP Comprehensive’s renowned Practitioner and Master Practitioner Trainings. Check their current schedule for his training dates.

Here you’ll find quality NLP Trainings for those wanting personal transformation, and also for those wanting to learn in-depth NLP and Coaching skills. We bring in some of the most innovative and effective NLP Trainers from all over the world, and are blessed to have a wonderfully warm learning community of participants joining us for these events. Often our participants are also from around the world. Click Here to find out what’s coming up next!


This is the official Core Transformation information site. You’ll find here whatever you want to know, including “What is Core Transformation?, who benefits, an International Core Transformation Trainings Calendar, and a complete list of all Trainers who are either endorsed or licensed to train Core Transformation. Includes links to all the trainers and workshops, plus links to the full range of Core Transformation learning materials. (book, CDs, DVDs, youtube, etc.)

Achieving Excellence

This site has NLP products, and is an excellent source of Feldenkrais products and information. Feldenkrais is a bodywork metehod that works in harmony with NLP.

Institute for the Advanced Studies of Health

IASH, a non-profit organization exists to support a community of healers from all disciplines who share a commitment to the use of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) presuppositions, distinctions and processes in their work. We consider what we do complimentary health as it can be used in addition to standard medical practices.

NLP Archive

An early student of NLP, and our trainings at NLP Comprehensive, Lee Lady, has a long-standing archive of his NLP training notes and ideas.