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How Clients ‘Do’ Their Problems

By Steve Andreas NLP can help you do the ‘briefest’ therapy  Published in: Psychotherapy Networker, November/December, 2007, pp. 63-67 Recently I watched a public demonstration at a large psychotherapy conference

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Changing the “Not Self”

by Steve Andreas ©2002 This is chapter 11 of Steve’s book: Transforming Your Self: becoming who you want to be. An earlier version was published in Anchor Point, Vov. 16,

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Resolving Shame

by Steve Andreas ©2002        There are basically three ways that cultures maintain and enforce their group values. One is overt coercion, the threat or use of physical force, incarceration, punishment,

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“Kinesthetic Swish”*

by Steve Andreas ©1998 Introduction         In their recent Anchor Point article (September 1998, pp 33-37),  Michael Hall and Debra Lederer present a procedure which they call  “The Kinesthetic Swish Pattern.”

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