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© 2000 Steve Andreas Congruence is a name for that state in which every fiber of your being is in agreement. Wherever your attention is, it is undivided. Whether you

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Changing Levels of Meaning and Experience*

©2002              Our inner experiencing shifts rapidly and unconsciously between many different levels, whether we are demonstrating our greatest skills, or feeling trapped in our most frustrating problems. This fresh understanding

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CHANGING BELIEFSSTEVE & CONNIRAE ANDREAS Verbatim transcript of a DVD demonstration by Steve and Connirae Andreas of the submodalities belief change pattern developed by Richard Bandler, available on DVD from NLP

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Certainty and Uncertainty*

by Steve Andreas©2000         The following is a very interesting exchange between Richard Bandler and someone who is very sure about something. B: Are you sure?P: Yes.B: Are you sure

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