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Becoming Whole Again*

©2001  Introduction             These three processes all divide our experience in different ways, fragmenting   us into warring parts and interfering with our full enjoyment of living.  Grief separates us unnecessarily from the rich

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NLP Practitioners Doing Therapy?!*

by Steve Andreas©2000         Fairly often people object to having newly-minted NLP Practitioners doing therapy (even if they call it “counseling,” or “personal change,” or something else). Typically there are

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Looking Backward

(at a few of the bends and dips in the road)*by Steve Andreas©2000  “I get up every morning determined to both change the world and have one hell of a

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Briefer Than Brief

by Steve Andreas & Connirae Andreas, Ph.D.~A methodical approach to spontaneous change A friend of ours once told about a couple who had survived a fiery plane accident a few

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